More important than my words, are the students testimonials and this one I had to share.

Marybeth described in a perfect way why Krav Maga is so useful.

“We live in a time where society is more focused on defending citizens against violence in the virtual world. We teach our kids and love ones to fight against online bullying, to protect their privacy, to protect our online integrity and so on but at the end of the day, when we power down our devices, we tend to forget that there is a reality beyond this world.

What happens when your daughter or son is caught in a real life face to face situation, with an attacker, where her actions can mean life or death? Are you confident, that he or she will be able to know what to do? Powering down is not an option, there is no on or off button in real life. Will they know when to run? Or when to fight? Do they even know the simplest defense move that could save their life? Probably not. Krav Maga isn’t just about learning the correct way to punch or take a man down by his balls, it’s also about knowing when and how to fight, it’s about knowing your situation and being aware of your surroundings. It is about knowing how to put up your defenses and walking away.

We don’t live in a world were protesting is giving hugs and throwing flowers around anymore. We can turn on the news and see that we live in a world full of violence, racism, and hate. We can only protect the ones we love for so long but then they will have to learn to protect themselves.

Give them the right means and knowledge to do so.”
Marybeth Pak

Thank you MB